Edburton are committed to helping the environment and have the facilities to provide onsite screening and recycling of materials.

When you choose to recycle onsite you are making use of a desirable green construction alternative.

The environmental and financial gains of On-site recycling include:
  • Converts clean rubble debris into useable materials

  • Reduces inbound and outbound jobsite traffic

  • Positive environmental impact – eco-friendly

  • Preserves precious and limited landfill space

  • Provides different types of backfill materials

  • Reduces cost of purchasing backfill

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Reduces disposal costs

  • Reduces pollution

Edburton have an experienced team who can operate the following vehicles:

  • 20t and 40t Jaw Crushers

  • Powertrack 800 Deck Screener

  • Power Screen Warrior 1400 3-way Mobile Screening Plant

  • Doppstadt AK230 Shredder