Old Shoreham Road, Brighton
Manor Gateway Roundabout

The Seven Dials, Brighton

Edburton was employed as the Principal Contractor to construct an environmental improvement scheme to the Seven Dials junction, which is at the heart of the city. The roundabout and approach roads were reconstructed whilst keeping the traffic flowing and allowing the businesses to carry on as normal.

The improvement scheme consisted of the replacement and refurbishment of street furniture, lighting and drainage works and purpose built tree-pits constructed to prevent future root damage to new paving. Removal of existing pedestrian crossing points and converting same to zebra crossing points.

Description of the works are as follows:

  • Removal of street furniture and railings.

  • Removal of existing pavements.

  • Creation of new tree pits and planting new trees.

  • Modification to existing surface water drains.

  • Installation of new paving to new falls.

  • Installation of new street furniture.

  • Preparatory works for the installation of new street lighting.

  • Removal existing traffic signalled pedestrian crossing points and new zebra crossing points constructed.

  • Construction of a new larger central island, with an over-run area for larger vehicles to use when necessary.

  • Resurfacing of the approach roads.

The Seven Dials, Brighton
The Seven Dials, Brighton
The Seven Dials, Brighton
The Seven Dials, Brighton