The Seven Dials, Brighton
Lime Tree School Highway

Manor Gateway Roundabout

Edburton were employed as Principal Contractors to improve the appearance of a key roundabout in Manor Royal Business District in preparation for the installation of an art structure. The works included:

  • Installation of block paving chevrons around circumference of roundabout

  • Installation of ducting in preparation of street lighting

  • Formation of Netpave maintenance area within roundabout island

  • Production of Traffic Management drawings for approval and subsequent installation and maintenance of traffic management system

The project required a detailed traffic management plan as the works involved signage along a high speed section of the A23 as well as busy routes into and around the surround industrial estates. The traffic management was designed to ensure safe access for plant into and out of the site as well as maintaining the safety of the workforce and the public. The traffic management was maintained and inspected daily to ensure that it continued to be client and amendments were made once installed to help improve traffic flow along the busy A23.